sitcom edits

by mc foucault

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they asked me to be on the radio so i had to do some quick radio edits for the tracks from the forthcoming release fear of a queer planet. they are different from the way the songs will appear on the record musically as well as lyrically. enjoy!


released August 31, 2015

sean bonnette, carly haufe, kyle blanchard and daniel ryan balderas appear on this recording.



all rights reserved


mc foucault Lansing, Michigan

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Track Name: pints (sitcom edit)
Pints (mc foucault remix)

(1)Get this we dont drink fifths
we drink pints we pass em two at a time
thats how we do cant you see us
We be pintin we cant get enough

Get this i dont drink fifths
I hit a pint like (2)viper suck glass dicks
(3)"Its an illusion michael whores do tricks"
Im chris pratt circa (4)seal team six
Aint no other crew that can do it like this
Curtsy for your girl like excuse me miss
Could you riddle me with pure (5)purple bullets of love nah just forget it
Im about to get in a whole monsoon of shit cartoons and spliffs gnar goons or stiffs barrooms aint shit bury you in (6)paul blarts tomb real quick are we gonna start soon or quit? harpoon a tick tock of a clock id rather smoke rocks than go to a bar for shots. Put on your shoes and socks. Stomach tied in knots. I like my fireballs hot. My flow so sick it rots. Dont answer the the door cause death it knocks. Im the thc in every breath it blocks. Im the petals of your forget me nots.
Its a mystery who rhyme like i do?
Yall aint fit to see me rock with my boo
Go down in history me them and my crew
Take a few sips and see who fightin my dudes?
(7)Asking christmas trees who pine like i do??Ip

Its them purp box socialites
Kinda nerdy awkward social types
MC Foucault so you know its tight
(8)Colorado Bulldogs you know me right
Sowing seeds that will eventually grow in light
Of a darker sun
lets start some fun
magic marker some of bob barkers tounge
just trying to get a little bit darker son
adventure of a lifetime lets embark on one
You can be the captain i can be your first mate
never meant to happen on another first date
At least you were laughin if were talkin worst case
drink enough gin to fill lake ontario
(9)Fuck lemeuax im super mario, (10)robin hood and his super merry bros
(11)can now get super married yo?
lets find the truth thats buried oh
illuminati super scary tho
(12)Call me ryu i shoot so many fireballs
Im omar i knew which way (13)the wire calls
Recite a haiku burninimm down entire malls
(14)Summon raichu tell him to admire yalls


Im about inherit the earth
I'm fairly berserk il burgle your turts
Im daring the surf
waves of green all up in my hair it works
can't believe i'm fucking swearing at church
I'm married to hurt im buried in dirt
Cant you see The scary's inert
hey boo can i wear your new shirt
(15)Have you seen terrors new merch? Ill tear me a new skirt im darren their lurch

Id like to rearrange free radicals
You and i could exchange semantic pulls
drink enough tequilla to turn into tarantulas
(16)sadder than jonas jr flying off in gargantua 6 - 6 - 6 this town drink so much its about to get sick sick sick

Its a mystery who rhyme like i do?
Yall aint fit to see me rock with my boo
Go down in history me them and my crew
Take a few sips and see who fightin my dudes?
Asking christmas trees who pine like i do??

Track Name: energy entity (sitcom edit)
Im gnarer than a motherfucking unicorn / im aces like 2 eunuchs with new tunics on / not aces like asexual / but praises, swell and radical / topps and sweets and yeah thats cool/ kill the beat its had its full
Time for reality / openeyed mentality / in margins sexuality / for too long has it had to be / ace-gray real / pan-bi real / demi-gay real / semi-hypo real
And what about identity / lets talk about whats meant to be / render me as gender free im an energy entity / a queer bby its clear you see /fuck you endlessly if you think for one second this shits binary /
And how about those trans youths / coming out the THE MANs noose / demand news this stand cruic we cant lose if we command truth / who we are is not defined by anatomy /movie star act divine kill it casually /like it Had to be / its almost sad to see / cysfolk mad at me / for bein like actually/ a woman is not defined by whats between her legs / a man is not what happens to be on his chest / some of us are neither girls or boys / by now i trust this is more than just noise
Track Name: chains (sitcom edit)
Sometimes i feel lilke second hand news
A new kinda style called wrecking man blues
A workin mans noose circumvent avenues of discourse ride this horse right off your plattitudes
As if this signifies some change in attitude i mean uh ok thanks i aint mad at you
But for every couple that got married today
How many transwomen passed away
Queer youth going out to celebrate
will the right to get married give them a place to stay
Where were you on gay marriage day
What are you doing to help break our chains

Im sorry
But the forest for the trees i could never see
Yr a tall drink of water chasing after hennesee
Silver jews on my mind and yr the only ten i see
Feeling useless like a listicle named the great things white men achieve

In my head im hermoine and yr ron weasley
This is my bestest attempt to not be ben lkingsley
A foreign art form from a heartstorm
A smart dorm full of an ark worn, sarte sworn, dark swarm.
Yelling in the park torn between the authentic and the appealing
Call me steely because for too long in these years ive been reeling
It might be boston but i swear its more than a feeling
Van Houten on a track hurtin hearts need some healing
Can i borrow can i borrow can i borrow some meaning

Danky Kang in this sphere grabbing rings
This right here is why we cant have nice things
Disappear into fierce ball of mood swings
Call me big bear cause im out here doin thangs
So yacht rock they say I'm off the fleetwood chain
Feel like Phil Collins and I just wish it would rain
I dont care what rumours you heard about me
Incessant tumors grow up to doubts see
You could do worse than trying to out me
How much do you hurt your case ignoring my mouths speech
At straws you grasp when the truth you always Outreach
History my degree and you I'll gladly out teach
Track Name: wolves, where? (sitcom edit)
Crawling out of our earthen tombs
Well be the sights thatll spell their doom
Ragnorock comin up real soon
We'll eat the sun and moon and say
We'll eat the sun and moon and say

black comedy call me Hannibal
Like a cannabis fueled cannibal
tear you up like a danimal
in a praying mantis' mandibles
harder than a panda's school
in the afterlife intangible
hit detroit like sandoval
rapp game understandable

hair stay unmanagable
this talent pool unfathomable
finding what was imangable
like an mclass planet thats habitable
so far from fashionable
philosophies ineradicable
to my surprise before our eyes see the moon arise
from the hand of wolves (where?)

like vip said y'all cowards
like aquaman i got powers
one suited with both bouers
you can't use that word its ours
leave your family needing flours
hustle so hard i need 3 showers
im a wizard fight in the towers
youre the village my dragon devours

in other words im flawless
yall be the birds who're clawless
im babe ruth i called this
i stay couth like naw miss
Eff straight dudes who are all cys
ill take gay youth with a draw or lysp
ive paid dues on all this
what i say soothes the nauseous

Let me be a sight for your sore eyes
Is it alright my hands your thighs?
For tonight lets just ignore guys
Forgo a life of More lies
Face it like we got Four eyes
Blaze it right im your type
a fortnight this tour hype
Singing out like scores high

We can hit the lights and
Do whatever they like and
beaches full of white sand
Surfing on a white van
This beat so full of fight jams
Got Pizza on the flight man
Someone call the hype man
Im too freakin hype man
Track Name: panopticism (sitcom edit)
hundred eyes a giant sees
muted cries of oh why me's
criminalize a mind disease
a suicide is all i squeeze

canabalize the strength of you
rationalize mistakes a few
camera hides its face from view
radicalize and then break through

this place ain't a kitten
these people ain't your pets

internalized the power play
a burden belies just how were made
we tyrannize each hour and day
so here-in lies a cowards grave

now her eyes sit hauntingly
i surmise that they're watching me
i'll devise a new plot you see
clearer skies are calling ze

this place is a schism
these people are regrets